A new Hmar outfit, Hmar People’s Convention (HPC–P) has surfaced

By | December 2, 2013

New Hmar outfit floated

SILCHAR, December 2: According to an underground source, a new Hmar outfit has surfaced which claims itself to be the true representative of the tribe. This has been named as Hmar People’s Convention (HPC–P) which, in fact, is a breakaway faction of the HPC–D. At the initial stage, Lalminthang Sonate as president has taken over the command of the outfit. J C Hmar is the secretary. The source said that a full body to head the organization will soon be constituted to give a new direction and dimension to the demand of the Hmars for a homeland of their own.

The information available says that 115 cadres taken from the region of Hmar dominated areas of east Cachar and the bordering areas of Mizoram and Manipur form the strength of the outfit. All these cadres are undergoing training in arms and ammunitions and guerilla tactics under the supervision of NSCN (IM) in some undisclosed location. Besides, new recruitments from amongst the boys and girls are taken up by promising them better prospect of living.

HPC–P, the source adds to say, has taken shape against the policy of its parent body to continue dialogue without any tangible solution to their demand. While HPC–D has been insisting on autonomous council for the Hmar inhabited areas, HPC–P is demanding Hmarland. Besides, there is difference in the approach and tactics of both the groups. Lalminthang Sonate is for armed struggle to get the demand fulfilled. It has further been revealed that the training of recruits is going on under the commander of Manipur area NSCN (IM) who has not been identified.

It is to be mentioned here that as an active and frontline cadre of HPC–D, Lalminthang alias Minglna was arrested in the early part of this year by security forces of Manipur. After being released, he decided to float his own outfit. He also claims the support of Kukis of the areas living along with Hmars. It is reported that NSCN (IM) would like to help the HPC–P with all sorts of logistic and ammo support and in return expect to fill its coffers from extortions and abductions for ransom through this group. Source: The Sentinel