Christmas celebrated in Dima Hasao along with the rest of the world

By | December 26, 2013

Christmas celebrated in Dima Hasao

HAFLONG, December 25: Christmas, the festival of peace and harmony was also celebrated in Dima Hasao along with the rest of the world with pomp, gaiety and religious fervour, not just the Christian faithful, but people belonging to many other faiths joined in the Christmas celebrations in the district. Whereas believers of Christianity attended the Christmas prayers early in the morning, the church premises witnessed visitors throughout the day.

A large number of people came out to join the Christmas revelry and attend musical programmes, feasts specially organized for the occasion. The churches were decorated with sparkling lights, Christmas trees and people holidaying outdoors to celebrate the festival.

The main churches of the town, the Don Bosco Church, Molhoi Church, CHT Church and Fengpui Church organized Christmas service in the morning. With its eye–catching decorations, the Don Bosco Church attracted a large number of visitors. People lit candles and offered prayers in the church premises.

The festival was also celebrated at many other churches, sub–centres of the churches and missionary schools of the district.Source: The Sentinel