Construction of East–West Corridor and broad gauge projects in Dima Hasao district

By | December 26, 2013

Construction companies, forest department collusion in Dima Hasao

HAFLONG, December 24: Allegations against the companies engaged in the construction of East–West Corridor and broad gauge projects in Dima Hasao district for using natural materials without imbursement of royalty to the concerned authorities were made.

Abhijeet Nunisa, a Mahaldar for stone extraction of Dima Hasao alleged that the construction companies are enjoying illegal stone operations in the district with the help of some vested interest forest officials. Nunisa on Monday made a complain to the Divisional Forest Officer, Dima Hasao East Division, Haflong alleging that his team while patrolling at Kalachand area found a loaded truck carrying stone without obtaining any challan or any legal documents. Nunisa added that the truck was brought to Basabari Check Gate near Kalachan and handed over the truck to the Check Gate in–charge Pojendro Haflongbar and requested him to take immediate action against the illegality, but unfortunately, within hours the truck had been released without any action taken. He added that if such illegal activity continues, in near future they will not be able to collect and pay instalment money to the NC Hills Autonomous Council.

Nunisa requested the authority to take necessary actions and demanded recovery and booking of the illegal material and truck as well as suspension of the concerned officers involved in this mass racket.

On the other hand, forest department is also aware of the fact as the department have submitted a report to the Principal Secretary (Normal) NC Hills Autonomous Council on December 4, reporting of illegal stone mining and transportation that is taking place in the rivers in between Retjol and Harangajao in Dima Hasao. However, no action has been taken so far.

It is a matter of great concern that at a time when NC Hills Autonomous Council is lacking of funds for the payment of employees salaries, the construction companies are making lakhs of rupees by not disbursing the royalties. Source: The Sentinel