History of Dima Hasao

History of Dima Hasao District

Before 1832, the district Dima Hasao was a part of the Kachari Kingdom. The kingdom was extended –

• From the foot hills of the Lushai in south to the Jamuna in North.
• From the Katcha Naga and Angami Hills (beyond the Dhansiri) in the East to the Kopili in West.

The Kachari kings instated their capitals at the places like Dimapur, Kashpur, Maibang and at Horitikor at last. Gobinda Chandra, the Dimasa king was assassinated in 1830 by Gambhir Singh, his own general. Later, on 14th of August 1832, the southern section of the kingdom was annexed by the British government using the Doctrine of Lapse. The Dimasa General Tularam continued to rule the remaining section of the kingdom. But in 1837, British government annexed some part of the empire of Tularam. It was constituted into Nagaon district subdivision along with the Head Quarters at Asalu. But when Tularam was died in 1854, the remaining part of his kingdom was further annexed by the British and it was added to the sub-division of Asalu.

This subdivision was abolished in 1867 and apportioned into the parts among districts Khasi and jaintia Hills, Nagaon and Cachar.

The present Dima Hasao or N C Hills was included in Cachar district where the only police outpost was at Asalu. Later this section was made a subdivision in 1880 along with the Head Quarters at the Gunjung.

Again in 1895, the head quarters of the division was shifted from Gunjung to Haflong. Haflong continues to serve as the head Quarter since then. Later, the N C Hills, which was specified under the 20th paragraph of 6th schedule of the constitution of India, ended up to be a part of Cachar district during the commencement of Indian constitution in 1951. Later a new civil district named as the ‘United district of North Cachar and Mikir Hills’ was constituted in November 17th, 1951. Two different councils came into the act later namely Mikir Hills District Council and the NC Hills district council according to the 6th schedule of constitution. On 19th of April, 1952, the Dima Hasao District Council came into the act.

Government declared N C Hills district as an independent administrative district in 2nd of February, 1970. In short it has an autonomous district council in this moment. Now, it should be mentioned that the autonomous council has the admin control over all the distract departments excluding the Treasury and Administration department and the law and order.

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