Hill State Democratic Party (HSDP) Dima Hasao Committee

By | December 26, 2013

HSDP hits out at State government

HAFLONG, December 25: Hill State Democratic Party (HSDP) Dima Hasao Committee hits out at the Assam Government and Congress–I–ruled North Cachar Hills Autonomous Council for the delay in completion of the renovation works even of the main roads, which are now in deplorable conditions, in Dima Hasao. It warned the Government that if the renovation/repair works of Passi–Garampani Road (between Umrangsho and Lanka) and DD Road (between Haflong and Lanka) is not completed in the middle of January, 2014, the party will resort to democratic rigorous agitational programme like road blockade on the DD Road and Passi–Garampani Road commencing from January 16, 2014 as a protest against the non–completion of the renovation works of the said roads, along with the demand to take action against the officials and the contractors alike who are responsible for the delay in completion of such renovation works of the roads. Besides, the party reiterates its demand to immediately clear the pending salaries of the normal employees of the Council so that they could afford the educational fees for the academic careers of their sons/daughters during this period of admission in schools and colleges. This was stated in a press release.
Source: The Sentinel