Tourist Destinations in Dima Hasao District

Tourist Destinations in Dima Hasao District
Dima Hasao district in Assam is quickly arriving as the major tourist location for the state. While the nature is playful here in this state the hospitality of the local people pleases everyone’s mind. The green, hills and the clouds composes hymns and folklores of their own in this district. One can easily have an illusion of seeing a mountain floating in the sky. While watching the rainbow down under, clouds may come and kiss the feet of yours. The breeze flowing through the district, will whisper love songs in your ears. From the cultural heritage of the hills to the breathtaking natural beauty; from colorful festivals of the tribes to rich diversity of flora and fauna – everything welcomes you at Dima Hasao. Among the top tourist destinations, Haflong, Maibang, Jatinga, Umrongso are the most eminent ones.

Haflong is considered as the Switzerland of the East because of its unique natural beauty. Haflong, the queen town and the district headquarters is situated at the centre of natural artistry and it offers a unique look. The Barail Hill surrounds the whole Haflong city like a garland from north to east gives a precious geographical diversity to the district. This ‘Great Dyke’ serves as a natural fortress for the district. Sometimes Haflong is called as the ‘Land of Blue Hills’.

Jatinga, situated 9 kilometers away from Halflong, is a tiny village. The natural beauty in this village is nothing less than that of any other place of the district Dima Hasao. But this place is famous especially for the mysterious nature of the migratory birds. Actually, a large amount of migratory birds come to this place during August and September. The village becomes very colorful during that period. According to the visitors of this village, during a moonless, moderately foggy night, and when the breeze blows to north from south with little rain, the colorful birds come down to the ground – which is a sight to remember for the whole life.

Jatinga is also famous for the horticultural products. Moreover, the government of India rated it an ideal village, where the literacy rate is quite high. The orange gardens in Jatinga are nice places to visit.

Maibang has a rich history behind it as the capital of the Dimasa kingdom way back in the later years of the 16th century. This place is situated at the middle of the district and is located only 53 kilometers away from the Dima Hasao Queen city Haflong. The Rive Mahur is flowing beside this place.

Mahur Valley is the prime attraction of Maibang. The density of woods and jungle is quite high in this place. So it will be an excellent place to roam through for the adventure lovers and the photographers. You will enjoy the luxury of walking on the green carpet while walking through this Mehur valley. Moreover, it won’t be a bad idea at all to spend one evening sitting at the bank of River Mahur.

The Dream Valley of Umrongso:
If you visit this place, you will surely ask if yourself if the cinematographic concepts of dream sequences in Hollywood movies are taken from the natural beauty of this place. Actually, when you see the hills merging with the misty horizons, you will surely pinch yourself to confirm that you are not dreaming while sleeping. The complete valley seems to be a castle while clouds are floating kissing your feet. The traces of fragrances of the pine plantations carried by the gentle breeze will get you high without consuming any sedative. When the rays of the setting sun reflect on the water it seems to be a Medus Touch.

There is a famous hot water stream in the River Kopili. According to the myths, this water has some medicinal values. Whether it has any medicinal value or not it will be a fun of having a bath in hot water in a cold place. Don’t forget to visit the wild animal forest reserve only meters away from the place.

Another great place to visit here in this place is the Kopili Tea Estate. You can find multiple cement plants here in this place. The limestone deposits at Umrongso suggest that it is going to be a successful industrial area soon.

This place is situated at the eastern bank of Kopili River and at the extreme west of Dima Hasao. There is a famous hot spring at Garampani and hence the name. Garampani in Hindi means the Hot Water. There is a captivating water fall of River Kopili welcomes the visitors. It is situated around 124 kilometers away from Haflong and a great place to spend weekend holidays.

This place is famous for a stunning waterfall of Kopili River. Panimoor is a sacred place for the people of Dimasa tribe as they take the ‘holy bath’ at the falls during the occasion of Magh Purnima (Full Moon of month Magh).

This place is well-known for the railway tunnel it has. It is the longest railway tunnel in the Hills part of North-east frontier Railway line. The railway tunnel near Mahur is as long as 1192 feet. Moreover, the coffee grown at Mahur is famous not only in India but in whole world. You should visit the Mahur bazaar while visiting this place too.

This is one of the great places in the district Dima Hasao that experiences the snowfall. This place is quite tempting for the trekkers. Moreover, this village is quite famous for the hospitality shown by the villagers.

This place is famous for the hill terrapins of very rare variety and that too in large numbers. You should visit the Hajong Lake that is located in the Reserve Forest of Langting Mupa. If you are lucky, you can observe tortoises of seven rare varieties.

Hangseuki, the largest traditional dorm of the Naga people is situated in Laisong. This dormitory concentrates to preserve the Naga traditions and cultures.

Once it was a famous cultural centre of the district. Right now, it is a chief producer of tasty pineapples.

Heritage Village near Jatinga:
This is considered as the latest tourist attraction in Haflong. Different cultures are subjected to mix here and give the tourists a great memory to remember for whole life. Actually, you can find the traditional dorms and houses of various tribes of Dima Hasao. This is a unique place that reflects a collective picture of culture, tradition, harmony and heritage. This place is constructed under RSVY and is maintained by the Department of Forestry.

Jatinga Bird Mystery:
Jatinga is the place famous for the incident of the birds doing Harakiri or committing the suicide. The place is located very near to district headquarters, Haflong. Actually, lots of migratory birds arrive at Jatinga during the period of August to November. What starts as a happy affair with the arrival of many colorful guests, ends up in a terrible and sad phenomenon when they start committing the suicide. There few conditions for the birds to commit a suicide. Firstly, it should be a moonless night. Secondly, the air must be cloudy, misty or foggy. Thirdly, a little bit of rain enhances the chances of this phenomenon. Fourthly, a gentle breeze should floe from the south to north. 7 PM to 10 PM is the time considered as the best to watch this phenomenon.

Scientists are keen on solving this mystery since a long. But no single hypothesis or research work proved to be 100% correct. According to a group of experts, this happens because of peculiar weather conditions of Jatinga. According to another group of scientists it is a natural procedure to balance the number of those migratory birds. Surprisingly, this unwanted incident draws a large amount of tourists at Jatinga at this time.

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