Tourist Places in Dima Hasao District

By | August 2, 2013

Tourist Places in Dima Hasao District

Places to Visit in Dima Hasao

Haflong: Haflong is considered as the only hill station of Assam where you can observe the rainbow down below. Geographically, it is very important as it is the district Head Quarters of the district Dima Hasao. The clouds playing around the cliffs look like a naughty and gleeful child is playing with his own mood. The meadows and the emerald-green scenic beauty emerge as the chorus of hymns of Vedas. One can find the heaven under his feet after visiting this place.

• Where to stay: Council’s Guest House, Daak Bungalow or the additional Circuit House, The Old circuit House, Hotel jayashree, Hotel Elite, and Hotel Eastern etc.

• What to wear: One should carry heavy woolen sweaters or blankets in winter. Normal cotton wearing is good enough during the summer.

Additional attraction: One can enjoy the traditional dances of the tribes. Moreover, an exciting time is waiting for the trekkers through Borail Hills.

Jatinga: Jatinga is only 9 kilometers away from Haflong. This place is famous all over the for bird mystery (suicide of the birds). Actually, during the period of August to November, lots of migratory birds come to this place. It becomes a photographers’ paradise and a major attraction for the ornithologists at that time. There are many elevated watchtowers made for the tourists from where you can observe the birds committing an unwanted suicide.

Maibang: It is 53 kilometers away from Haflong and situated at the bank of the river Mahur. Historically, Maibang was popular as the capital of the Kachari Kingdom, Dimasa. The temple, built by the Kachari king, the stone house and some other historical ruins are the primary attractions of Maibang. While visiting this place, one can stay at the PWD guest house or the Irrigation I B.

Umrangso: This place is 224 kilometers and 112 kilometers away from Guwahati and Haflong respectively. The NEEPCO developed Hydel power plant becomes a prime attraction in this place. It is situated with the Dams on the River Kopili. There is a famous hot water spring or Garampani here in this place. It is believed that the water of this spring has some medicinal values.
• Where to stay: There are various places to stay while visiting Umrangso. Some of them are NEEPCO Guest House, DC’s bungalow; guest houses of various cement factories and the PWD Guest House.

Panimoor: This place is situated around 120 kilometers away from Haflong. The River Kopili turns into an awesome waterfall here in this place rolling over the rocks.
• Where to Stay: One can stay at the Forest Inspection Bungalow while visiting Panimoor. Else one can look for the PWD IB at Diyungmukh.

Other tourist places in Dima Hasao are: Apart from the mentioned places, there are several other beautiful places in the district Dima Hasao, which include Semkhor, laisong, Khorongma, Gunjung, Pathar Nalla Waterfalls of Khrungming Reserve Forest and Harangajao etc.