Dima Hasao district (DHD)

Dima Hasao district (DHD) or Dima Hasao Autonomous Council (formerly the North Cachar Hills) is popularly known as the ‘Switzerland of the East’. It is surrounded by the hills. This place is a dreamland for anyone with the unending saga of valleys, undulating hills, flowing waterfalls and streams. The breeze that flows across the bamboo forests to the paddy fields carrying the fragrance of the land pleases the find. In short this is the place where the animal and the man live in a perfect harmony along with the nature.

It doesn’t matter if you travel by roads or the train through the track, which more than a century-old, you will be a witness of the postcard like pristine scenic beauty – crafted by the Almighty himself. The villages and the town, which come into the vision through the clouds and the rolling mist float around gift the visors an emerald-green landscape. Now these beauties will surely raise a question in the mind of the visitors – how did they survive so long against the greed of human?

The scenic beauty of Dima Hasao is not the only thing for which the travelers visit the place. Lots of legends and the folklores are to be unveiled here. A fascinating tribal, cultural and the ethnic mix of the people of the N C Hills through the centuries enriched the history of Dima Hasao. The Jatinga village – enriched with equal distribution with flora and fauna, drawn by some inexplicable alchemy of the sky and earth always attract the disoriented birds in thousands of numbers from September and October. In that period this place becomes the paradise for the photographers.

Now, the scenic beauty is not the only cause for which you should visit Dima Hasao. This place is enriched with the traditions and customs of the people, the bazaars and the colorful festivals. Also include the hospitality of the people of that place with local brew. Moreover, Dima Hasao is a perfect place to visit at any time of the year with salubrious climate all around the year.

How to reach Haflong?
One may reach Haflong by Air, Rail and Road.

Tourist Destinations in Dima Hasao: Major tourist destinations in Dima Hasao are Haflong, Maibang, Jatinga, Panimoor, Umrongso, Mahur Valley. Also never forget to know more about Jatinga Bird Mystery. Other tourist places in Dima Hasao are: Garampani, Thuruk, Hajong, Laisong, Semkhor, Khorongma, Gunjung, Pathar Nalla Waterfalls of Khrungming Reserve Forest and Harangajao etc.